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Ivany Campus

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Module 1: Welcome to NSCC

Length Session
9 mins Opening smudge and libation
Mi'kmaq smudge and African libation ceremony to welcome all students.
2 mins President's welcome
Meet NSCC President Don Bureaux.
40 mins Learning online at NSCC
Everything you need to know about learning online at NSCC.
4 mins Your Student Association
Learn about services and supports available through your Student Association and how you can get involved.
7 mins

Your student health and dental plan
What you need to know about your student health and dental plan.

Module 2: Your Campus

Length Session
10 mins Principal's welcome
Meet NSCC Ivany Campus Principal Kathleen Allen.
5 mins Coming to campus
What to know before visiting your campus.
40 mins Student supports and services
Learn about the supports and services available to you as an NSCC student.
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19 mins Your Student Association presents: Danny Stone
Author Danny Stone shares his message of inspiration and effective strategies on taking control of your future.

Module 3: Technology at NSCC

Length Session
33 mins Introduction to Brightspace
Learn about Brightspace, an online tool you'll use to access and work on your courses.
45 mins

Brightspace: Beyond the Basics
Already familiar with Brightspace? Learn new skills for getting the most out of class discussions and completing course work.
32 mins Using Microsoft Teams
Microsoft Teams is where you'll communicate and collaborate with fellow students and faculty. Learn about making the most of Teams to create online spaces for group work and customizing it to work for you.
20 mins Libraries and learning supports
Learn about NSCC libraries, tutoring, writing support and learning strategies.
31 mins Microsoft Office 365
Learn about Office 365, where you can access Microsoft Office products including Word, Excel and PowerPoint to work collaboratively online.
27 mins Tech Services at NSCC
Learn how to get support, use service desk and protect your privacy.

Module 4: Culture and Community

Length Session
5 mins Race, Racism and Me: Privilege, Power and Identity
Watch this video designed to get you thinking about privilege, power and identity, as well as your role in building a more inclusive college and community.
7 mins Race, Racism and Me: Intro to Anti-Indigenous Racism
Watch this video designed to get you thinking about Anti-Indigenous Racism, and your role in building a more inclusive college and community. 
7 mins Race, Racism and Me: Intro to Anti-Black Racism
Watch this video designed to get you thinking about Anti-Black Racism, as well as your role in building a more inclusive college and community.
54 mins Race, Racism and Me: From Awareness to Action
This workshop is presented by The Honourable Senator Dr. Wanda Thomas Bernard and will help to build understanding and demonstrate our college commitment to fighting racism and all forms of oppression while providing practical tips and tools to help you actively interrupt and report racism.

Counsellors are available at each campus for further discussion or assistance.
33 mins Caring for your mental wellness
Learn about resources available to support student mental wellness and hear what NSCC students want you to know about caring for your mental wellness this year.
NSCC and Me
Complete this important Brightspace module to explore what being an NSCC student in 2020 is all about.