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Studying Online

Studying Online

We're here to support you, whether you're learning in-class or online. The online experience is a bit different. Here's what you should know before your course begins.

  1. Get to know Brightspace 

    Brightspace is the online learning system where you will access class resources and participate in discussions with your classmates. Explore how to use the platform before you start
  2. Be prepared to work independently

    Participating in online classes is different from in-class. You get to decide when you will log in to your course. Daytime, evening, it’s up to you.
    • There are still due dates and requirements throughout the term. You will need to manage your time effectively.
    • You should set aside 4-6 hours each week for your online class (multiply by the number of online classes you’re taking). That includes participating in online discussion and doing readings or assignments.
  3. Expect to collaborate

    You work with classmates online, collaborating on documents, projects or as part of a study group. Some of your classes may include real-time video conferencing where you will use Skype for Business to talk with classmates.
  4. You have an advisor

    By now, you’ve likely already connected with your advisor. This person knows your program and can help you understand the expectations of studying online. Your advisor can help answer any of your questions. Not sure who you advisor is? Contact us
  5. Technology support is available

    Once you’ve registered for a course, tech support is available. If you need help using Brightspace or other online tools, you can submit a ticket to the Technology Service Desk
  6. Tests may be written on-campus

    Your course is full delivered online, but tests may be written in-person at the campus Test Centre. Drop by your local campus to get familiar with the centre.