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Attend a Webinar

Learn about NSCC

Get an overview of NSCC. You’ll also have the opportunity to ask questions. Register for one of our October webinars (coming soon) to learn more about:

  • Programs
  • Tuition, fees and costs
  • Student awards and financial aid
  • University transfer agreements
  • Student services
  • Application and admissions process

Register for a webinar

Learn more about NSCC
Are you looking to transition from high school to College? Join us to find out about our programs and services. You'll also learn how to apply and become an NSCC student.

Information for parents, guardians and supporters
Join us for information on the NSCC admissions process, funding opportunities, the labour market and more that will help you provide support to your prospective college student.

Watch a recording

Not able to attend a webinar? We've recorded the following sessions for your convenience.

Next steps for those who have applied
Register to watch webinar about next steps for those who have applied

Learn more about NSCC
Register to watch webinar to learn more about NSCC

Information for counsellors and school staff
Register to watch webinar offering information for counsellors and school staff

International Admissions
Register to watch webinar about international admissions