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Residence - Davis Hall

COVID-19 update

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, Davis Hall will be closed for the 2020-21 Academic year. View more information about closing the residence and support for finding housing.

Residence Life

Welcome to Residence life at NSCC Truro Campus. The Residence (Davis Hall) will be your living environment for the fall and winter semesters if you choose to live on campus while attending NSCC Truro Campus. While here the Residence Life staff will work to ensure that your stay at Davis Hall is a safe and rewarding one. While living at Davis Hall we encourage students to come together and enjoy experiences that are filled with educational opportunities, social diversity and personal growth. Through these interactions our hope is that you will gain an understanding for the principles of respect and acceptance for not only different fields of study, but also for those of cultural, political and social philosophies that make up our local and global community.

Davis Hall

Davis Hall was constructed in 1965, originally to house 195 students. To meet the demands of our changing educational environment the building has under gone some renovations from its original configuration. Davis Hall is now a year round facility which has the capacity to house 160 students comfortably during the College's fall and winter semesters. During the spring and summer semesters Davis Hall is used as the center for accommodation by the College and other community organizations for conferences and professional development. During your time here Davis Hall provides the ideal location for students to access all of NSCC Truro campus resources. While living at Davis Hall one is never more than a 5 minute walk from any of their classes, learning resources or recreational facilities.

Rooms at Davis Hall

What to Expect

Davis Hall has had upgrades to its technological infrastructure and is now a wireless hub as well continues to have hard wire accessibility. Davis Hall continues to undergo changes to meet the needs of students entering the college. We will continue to upgrading rooms to ensure that students are able to live comfortably while accessing the resource they need to pursue their educational goals. While the entire building has access to the college network, those wishing to have more unrestricted internet access should make arrangements with their own provider for these services.

What to Bring With You

All students should remember to bring with them the following items to make their new dorm room feel a little like home; personal belongings, linen (sheets, comforters, blankets and towels). Students may wish to bring other items such as their own computer, a small book shelf, televisions and a small stereo system that has less than 100 watts. Students should note that microwave ovens, toasters, toaster ovens, open burner hot plates and used soft seating are not permitted in dorm rooms. Davis Hall has common kitchens which are equipped with these appliances for the use of residents. (Students are also permitted to have a small fridge no larger than 4 cubic feet)

It is important for students who will be sharing a double room to remember that they will be living in a shared space. Thus they must take careful consideration not bring too many large items. Near the beginning of August students are given the contact information of their respective roommates and are asked to make contact so that they can plan accordingly as to what each of them intend to bring for their stay at Davis Hall.

Room Types

  • Double Rooms – The typical double room is equipped with two bed fixtures which have a desk with three drawers and two closets for storage space within the room.
  • Single Rooms – Are equipped with one fixture and a closet. They are located at the end of each floor and make up only 16 rooms i Davis Hall.
  • Super Single – Our super singles can be a modified double room with one bed fixture and two closets or may be a traditional double room with only one occupant.

We continue to make changes to meet the needs of today's students. With improvements to the common kitchens and areas we are hoping to make it more inviting for our residents to spend social time here in Davis Hall. As we are first and for most an integral part of the educational environment of NSCC Truro Campus we have a study lounge with a two station PC lab and wireless access to increase learning opportunities for residence students.

A bedroom with one bed, one desk and a window.
Single Room
A large bedroom with one bed, one desk, and a window.
Super Single Room
A bedroom with two beds, two desks, and one window.
Double Room

Soloan Hall

Students living in Davis Hall are enrolled in a weekly meal plan at the campus dining hall which is attached and accessible from Davis Hall at the ground level at the south wing of the building. The Dining Hall is operated by Chartwells Dining Services. Chartwells is committed to providing healthy, nutritious meals while hosting a variety of fun events for residential students and students commuting to campus. Everyone at NSCC Truro Campus is welcome to enjoy a meal in the Dining Hall.

Laundry Facilities

A laundry room is located in the basement of Davis Hall. Washers and dryers are coin operated. Cost of operations is $1.00 per each wash and dry. Students should remember that they are responsible for their own property in this area as the College is not responsible for items that are lost or stolen.

Laundry room with top loading washers and top loading dryers

Residence Assistants

Six students are selected annually to serve as Residence Assistants. As Residence Life staff members, they receive intensive training in peer-advising, suicide intervention, interpersonal and group skills, and cultural diversity, as well as in first aid, cardio-pulmonary resuscitation, and fire safety. They are there to aid in the security of the building and to ensure that residents are able to reach their full educational potential by upholding the rules and regulations as they relate to the educational and interpersonal growth throughout their time of study here at NSCC Truro Campus. If you are interested in this position of leadership application are available from the residence life office upon request.


Residence parking is located in the lot immediately to the east of Davis Hall. The entrance to the lot is off Arthur Street. No parking is permitted in the reserved area immediately behind Davis Hall. There is an annual $20 parking permit fee.

Pricing By Room Type

  • Double Room: $6200.00
  • Single Room: $6700.00
  • Super Single Room: $7200.00

All prices posted are subject to change without notification. All prices include the cost of your weekly 19 meal plan.

Contact Us

Coordinators Office: 902-893-5378 email:
Davis Hall Office: 902-893-5381
Fax: 902-893-6601