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Early Childhood Educator – Could it be the right career for you?

Early Childhood Educator – Could it be the right career for you?

As an early childhood educator, you'll make a difference in children's lives by managing their learning and positively impacting their development and well-being. But how can you tell if it's the right career path for you?

Here are four ways:

  1. You're patient and you love being around children.
    Because you'll be working directly with children for most of the day, this is a must.
  2. You communicate in a clear and concise way.
    Working with little ones, you should be able to break down steps and explain difficult ideas in an easy-to-understand way.
  3. You're creative.
    Part of your job will be helping children form ideas about their world through exploration and discovery. This means you’ll have to have plenty of imagination!
  4. You work well as a member of a team.
    Youngsters learn from observing the actions of the adults around them, so being collaborative with your colleagues is important.

If you have these skills, then early education may be a great career path for you.

Find out more

Explore the Early Childhood Education program, now being offered at Dartmouth's Akerley Campus.

Apply today for a January 2020 start.

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