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Programs & learning options you'll only find at NSCC

By Noel Macdonald
Manager, Student Recruitment

Programs & learning options you'll only find at NSCC

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At NSCC, we stand behind our promise to offer the most challenging and applied education you can get in Nova Scotia and beyond. A big part of that promise is offering programs and learning options students won’t find anywhere else.

1. Career in Gear

Career in Gear takes in-person, career advisor sessions and re-creates the experience online. It helps would-be-students explore careers, job market trends and training options using games and videos. It helps users understand their values, passions, what they want and what they’re good at. Sign-up for Career in Gear

2. Natural Resources Environmental Technology

Our Natural Resources Environmental Technology (NRET) Diploma program combines practical and theoretical skills. Our students participate in outdoor labs—protecting habitats in the Bras d’Or Lakes watershed, building loon platforms in Kejimkujik National Park and National Historic Site and preserving old-growth hardwood in Mahone Bay. Learn more about NRET

3. Pilikan House

Energy Sustainability Engineering Technology students learn how to think about sustainable housing and residential-scale alternative energy solutions though Pilikan House. More than just a lab, Pilikan House is a super-insulated “living” structure designed to meet Passive House standards and has an Energuide rating of 91. It’s a lab like no other. Learn more about Pilikan House

4. Pathways to Shipbuilding Indigenous Education and Apprenticeship Pilot Program

The Pathways Program offers Indigenous students the education, support and resources they need to build a career as metal fabricators in the shipbuilding industry. This customized apprenticeship program places particular focus on under-represented groups and brings together partners in the Indigenous community, industry and government. Learn more about Pathways to Shipbuilding

5. Game Development

NSCC’s Game Development diploma blends the creative disciplines of graphic design, video, photography, animation, type and sound, with the technical and problem-solving skills needed for game development. Nova Scotia is home to 18 game development studios. In 2016, Halifax’s low operating costs made it one of the world’s top cities with video game clusters (source and source). Learn more about Game Development

6. Women Unlimited

Women Unlimited offers a variety of services to women considering joining the trades and technology workforce: career exploration, support, training and transitional and retention services. Women Unlimited helps women address the many barriers to employment. Learn more about Women Unlimited

7. Centre of Geographic Sciences

NSCC’s Centre of Geographic Sciences (COGS) is Canada's largest geomatics-focused learning environment; and it’s considered a world leader in the fields of surveying, mapping, land-use planning and Geographic Information System (GIS) programming. COGS is also the only academic institution in Canada that owns a topo-bathymetric Light Detection and Ranging (lidar) system. Learn more about the Surveying, Mapping & Geomatics programs offered at COGS.

8. Nautical Institute

Founded in 1872 as the Halifax Marine School, NSCC’s Nautical Institute was the first vocational and technical education institution in Nova Scotia. Today, it offers a broad range of engineering, navigation and commercial marine training programs. Learn more about the training offered at the Nautical Institute

9. Sustainability

At NSCC, sustainability goes beyond just being part of our curriculum learning activities, it’s a value we practise every day. Over the past eight years, we have reduced our greenhouse gas emissions, energy consumption and water consumption and we divert 75 per cent of our waste away from landfills. We have also been certified (and recertified) with a STARS Gold Rating in Sustainability—making us the highest scoring College in the country.
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