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Faculty FAQ

  • How do I get a MyNSCC account?
  • MyNSCC accounts for faculty members were created based on the following criteria:

    • Teaching a class in the Fall or Winter term of the current academic year or
    • Taught a class since Fall 2005 and
    • Currently employed by the college.

    The user ID and password to access MyNSCC are the same user ID and password you received to access the network and e-mail.

  • Does the MyNSCC user ID and password work for network and e-mail access?
  • Yes, this is the same user ID and password you use to access your network, e-mail accounts, and Brightspace login.

  • I can't remember my user ID. How can I find out what it is?
  • Your user ID for MyNSCC is the same as for your network and e-mail accounts, which is your NSCC ID prefixed with a letter W. For example, if your NSCC ID is 0001111 then your user ID is W0001111.

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  • The Reset Password feature won't work. How can I get it reset?
  • You will need to contact Technical Support (see the Need Help section) for password changes or resets if you have not previously enrolled with the self-service Password Management tool -- or if you are having difficulties using the tool. It will very likely require an in-person visit to your local technology staff, in order to verify your identity.

  • Why do the examples in the help documents look different than what I see in my pages?
  • The examples in the help document are meant to be guides. Your information will be specific to you and may look different than the examples.

  • The information within MyNSCC is incorrect. How can I get it fixed?
  • If any of the information displayed within MyNSCC is incorrect, please contact your Department or Student Services, as applicable, at your campus. For example, if a class is scheduled at the wrong time or in the wrong room or if a student is in your class but does not appear on the class roster.

  • Why is it that when I enter a date in the future to look at my weekly schedule I get the message "The schedule has not been finalized for this time period"?
  • The schedules for terms in the future may not yet be finalized; therefore we have restricted your access to that schedule data until it is finalized.

  • How can I make my weekly schedule print properly?
  • The schedule in MyNSCC is generally there for online inquiry. However, you can obtain a useable print version via the print command in your browser by:

    1. Minimize the information on the page as much as possible by using the options to remove the days that you have no classes on. Also, select the minimal start time and end time that is required to show your classes for the given week.
    2. We also recommend printing the page in landscape format. This should ensure that you do not lose any information on the right hand side of the print. The "Help with this page" link can walk you through the steps to print the page in landscape format.
    3. You can print the page using portrait format, although we recommend you select Monday to Friday only in the Display Options.
  • Why does the short description on my Class Roster say Non-Graded?
  • The system we use accepts only one final grade for the course offering. When the course is set up we need to identify which component (Lab or Discussion for example) will contain the final grade. This component becomes identified as the 'Graded' component; all other components are identified as 'Non-Graded'. This does not affect how you determine the final grade.

  • When can I begin to input grades for my classes?
  • You will be able to begin entering grades as soon as grade rosters are generated in PeopleSoft. For the majority of classes, this is done one day after the date for students to withdraw from classes without academic penalty. Classes with unique start and end dates have the grade rosters generated as required.

  • A class is missing from my list in the Record Grades function. Why?
  • First ensure you are looking at the correct term. If you are, there may be data in PeopleSoft that is not correct. Contact your Chair or whoever takes care of scheduling at your campus and ask them to ensure that you are assigned as the instructor to the class and that the appropriate security has been granted to allow you grading access to the class.

  • A student appears to be missing from the list for a particular class in the Record Grades function. Why?
  • The list will reflect the status of the class roster at the time the grade rosters were generated. If a student was incorrectly missing from the class roster, they will be missing on the grade roster. Contact staff at your Assistant Registrar's office to have the rosters corrected and re-generated.

  • I need to communicate some information about a particular student to the Assistant Registrar and I used to write that on the paper grade report. What do I do now that all information is submitted electronically?
  • Contact the staff at your Assistant Registrar's office through normal communication channels (email, for instance) if there is information to convey about a particular student. With respect to qualification for supplemental, please refer to the recent policy clarification whereby faculty are to notify students direct about supplemental eligibility for a given class and that information is not required to be supplied to the Assistant Registrar.

  • What is Brightspace Gradebook and how do I use it?
  • Gradebook is a functionality within Brightspace that allows faculty to record and track assignments and test marks. It provides staff, faculty and students with 24/7 access to grades and assignments, providing all a better opportunity to support students as needs emerge.

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