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Financial support

There are many financial supports available to students: 

  • Students enrolled in the 2020-21 academic year can now apply for more than $1 million in financing to supplement their tuition by visiting the new Student Awards Portal You can learn more on the Student Awards Portal Services and Information page (links offsite)
    • Your eligibility for student awards will vary depending on your enrolment status. Visit the Help Centre (links offsite) in the Student Awards Portal for specific details.
  • Thanks to the kindness of donors, NSCC Foundation has been able to increase funds to support the drastic rise in student needs since the province initiated its response to the pandemic. A total of $127,000 has been distributed in Urgent Aid (links offsite) since the beginning of March, directly supporting over 250 students. Foundation funding also supported students in need through campus food banks, Sobeys gift cards, laptop distribution and support for those where there was no internet coverage.
  • Student Association funding has also been able to assist our students during the pandemic. Over $50,000 helped students in need of urgent food supports and $56,000 assisted with access to online tutoring needs through TutorMe. View more information on Student Supports (links offsite).

Government supports