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Grading and withdrawals

Grading and evaluation

Students are responsible to catch up on any missed learning by connecting with classmates, reviewing posted materials or by working with faculty to determine how program requirements can be met. However, this year has had unique challenges and we want to support student success.

Considering the exceptional circumstances, several changes have been implemented to our grading and evaluation system. 

How do I request the “CE” (Credit Earned) Grade?

The ‘CE’, or Credit Earned final grade option, is available to students who have passed a course in the Fall 2020 term.

  • Students must complete all learning outcomes and course requirements, and pass the course to be eligible for a CE grade.
  • Students must initiate a written request to their Faculty member, by course, to change their grade to “CE”.
  • The request must be received by Faculty within 10 business days of the final grade posting with a deadline of Wednesday, January 13th for the Fall 2020 term.
  • Some courses are not eligible for the CE grade option, due to licensing bodies and/or certification rules. Your Faculty will advise if this impacts your course. Students in the Adult Learning Program (ALP) cannot substitute a numeric grade with a CE.
  • NSCC is working with partnering institutions to understand the impact, if any, of the CE grade on articulations, or two + two agreements.
  • A grade of “CE” is not included in the calculation of honours, however in order for a student to receive honours in their program, a minimum of 25% of courses obtained must have numerical grades and be completed with NSCC.
  • Courses passed as the result of a supplemental evaluation are not eligible for a “CE” grade.


The deadline to withdraw from a course or program is extended to the end of each term. The date for the Fall 2020 term is December 18, 2020.

Withdrawing from a course

In order to receive a grade of W (withdrawal) for the fall term, you must complete a Course Revision Form by December 18.

Withdrawing from a program 

If you wish to withdraw from your program, you need to complete a Program Withdrawal Form by December 18.

Program withdrawals supported with medical documentation may be eligible for a refund. Please discuss your options and potential impacts with your Student Services Advisor.

Returning to your program 

If you choose to withdraw from your program and then decide to return to your studies, you’ll have to submit new paperwork.

If you’ve successfully completed the first term (or more) of your program, you can submit a Return to Studies Form to request re-entry into the same program you previously withdrew from. Those who submit a Return to Studies request are considered on a first-come, first-served basis.

If you’ve not completed the first term of your program, a new application is required.