Urgent Aid

Urgent Aid funding is available at each campus to help students who find themselves facing unanticipated financial challenges that may affect  their ability to remain in school or who have financial need and have nowhere else to turn.

Urgent Aid may come in the form of a gift card, cheque, or cash, depending on the individual student's personal circumstance. Once a student applies, we will make every effort to process these requests in a timely manner.  


To be eligible to apply for Urgent Aid, students must:

  • Be enrolled in a program leading to an NSCC credential or an NSCC Apprenticeship program or Adult Learning Program;
  • Be studying full time or part time; and
  • Have documented financial need in accordance with the financial needs assessment guidelines.

Please note: Students who are not in a declared program or are taking non-credit courses are not eligible for this funding.

How to Apply

Students who find themselves facing unforeseen financial circumstances and who meet the above noted eligibility criteria can apply for Urgent Aid by following these simple steps:

  1. Complete a financial needs assessment (XLS 24KB) and print a copy – Need help with this document? Use the financial list (PDF 23.9KB) as a resource.
  2. Make an appointment with your Student Services Advisor and bring your completed financial needs assessment with you.

Important Things to Note:

  • Urgent Aid funds are limited. While the campus will make every effort to meet the needs of its students, Urgent Aid funding may only be accessed once per academic year.
  • There is no appeals process for the Urgent Aid program.  If you are denied, you may re-apply in the future if your financial circumstances have changed.  A needs assessment must be completed each time.
  • Students in receipt of Urgent Aid funding may be issued a T4A tax form depending on the amount of funding received in a calendar year.
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