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NSCC Entrance Awards

NSCC offers entrance awards to recognize outstanding students entering an NSCC certificate or diploma program directly from high school in Nova Scotia. The purpose of these entrance awards is to financially support students interested in joining the NSCC learning community who demonstrate outstanding leadership in school and/or community activities as well as academic achievement.


To be considered for this award, students must meet the following eligibility requirements:

  • Have applied to and been accepted into a full-time program at NSCC;
  • Students must demonstrate a commitment to their studies and must have a passing grade in all courses, with a minimum academic average of 75%;
  • Have paid the non-refundable tuition deposit; and
  • Student must be entering NSCC program directly from a Nova Scotia high school.

Number of Awards

In total, NSCC selects 26 recipients for our Entrance Award (2 per campus). Should there not be sufficient applicants reaching the minimum application requirements at any one campus, unallocated awards will be pooled provincially and winners chosen from among all qualified applicants.


Students selected for an NSCC Entrance award receive a fee waiver equal to the regular tuition cost of a full-time Certificate or Diploma Program. Please note: this waiver covers the cost of regular core tuition only ($3220 in 2016/2017) and cannot be applied to other mandatory fees associated with the program (i.e. textbooks, student health and dental plan, etc.).

Selection Criteria

These awards will be assessed based on the following:

  • Extracurricular and/or Community involvement;
  • Completion of 2 selection questions;
  • Completion of an NSCC Reference Questionnaire; and
  • Academic performance.

Students wishing to apply for the NSCC Entrance Award, or any of the other awards available to support incoming students, should visit our main Student Awards page. There you will find details on award dates and deadlines, as well as a link to our online application.

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