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Awards Procedures

The following information was assembled to provide you with important details about our student awards program and give you a better idea on how the process works. NSCC makes every attempt to ensure accuracy, currency and reliability of the information posted on this site. If there is a discrepancy, the criteria held by the Student Awards Office is deemed correct.

Student Award Deadlines

Unless otherwise specified, all student awards deadlines expire at 5:00pm AST on the date specified on the student award posting. Student award deadline extensions can sometimes occur due to low enrolment, technical issues, or other incidents that may arise. The Student Awards Office reserves the right to extend awards deadlines in consultation with NSCC Foundation.

Application Revision

Once a student award deadline has passed, students can no longer report changes to their applications. This includes changes to individual circumstances including expenses and resources. Students are asked to review their financial information thoroughly before submitting their application.

Student Award Deferrals

Unless otherwise specified, deferrals of student awards received shall not be permitted. A student who changes a program and/or campus after being chosen for student award(s) must advise the Student Awards Office immediately. Should the student no longer meet the student award criteria, the student award shall be forfeited. Student awards may not be carried over from term to term should a student defer their studies.

Disclosure of Information

The collection, use, storage, and disclosure of student information is protected by College policies/procedures and government legislation. All student award applications must be completed by students themselves and may not be submitted by a third party. The Student Awards Office reserves the right to refuse applications submitted by individuals not enrolled or registered at NSCC.

If Selected for A Student Award

Requirements Upon Selection

Students selected as recipients of NSCC student awards shall be considered conditional until such time as they provide the following requirements:

  • Social insurance number – This is required for Canada Revenue Agency compliance. All student award recipients will be issued a T4A at the end of the tax year in which the award was issued; and
  • Donor/sponsor recognition – All recipients are asked to provide a thank you letter acknowledging their receipt of the student award.  Recipients will receive guidance from the Student Awards Office on the development of this thank you letter.

Student award recipients will be given one month from the date of student award notification to complete their student award requirements. After this period, the award may be revoked at the discretion of the Student Awards Office.

For student awards selected based on academic merit, recipients may be considered conditional until such time as they submit a final transcript (students entering programs) or their end of term grades (current students). In these circumstances, the Student Awards Office shall advise recipients upon notification of selection of these requirements.

Student award recipients will be asked to submit a photo for promotional purposes, but student awards shall not be withheld should any student wish to waive this request.

Should a recipient no longer meet the academic requirements for a student award, the Student Awards Office will inform the recipient of the change of status and the revocation of the award in writing.

Disbursement of Funds

Any student award that has been obtained by and held by the NSCC Foundation will be governed by the student awards disbursement process. This includes any external award that makes their funding payable to the NSCC Foundation.

All student awards shall be applied directly to the recipient’s student account. Once the student award credit is issued, it will be applied to tuition, fees and any other costs assessed and/or expenses collected by NSCC. This may include such items as co-operative education fees and textbooks.  When indicated in the posting, student awards in excess of $1000 will be disbursed in two equal instalments, one in fall semester and one in winter semester.

For recipients who have paid their student account in full for the academic year and who find themselves with an overpayment on their student account as the result of receiving a student award, the recipient may choose one of the following payment options:

  • Carry credit – recipients may retain the student award credit on their student account to be applied towards a future term of study.
  • Refund – recipients may request a refund from the Business Office at their respective campus. The refund will be issued in the form of a cheque written to the student and made available normally within ten business days of the date requested. To qualify, recipients need to be in good academic standing (no failed courses).

No student award recipients may request a refund until after the last day to withdraw from a program with a tuition refund.  Therefore, for students receiving spring student awards, refunds will not be processed before October 1st.  For students receiving in-course student awards from the fall semester, refunds will not be processed before February 1st.

Please refer to the student awards disbursement process (PDF 47KB) for complete details including payment schedules for renewable student awards and College entrance awards.

For more information, see our FAQ's or contact the Student Awards Office.

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