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Sponsor A Student Program

NSCC proudly partners with industry to offer sponsorship programs that provide students with funding to assist with the cost of education. This program may also include opportunities for co-operative education, work experience, practicums, and/or employment post-graduation.

These programs are offered at different times of year and are usually specific to a campus, program and/or year of study.

Current Offerings

Title Amount Deadline Eligible programs For more information
A.F. Theriault and Son Limited  $2,000 Now closed for 2019-20 Welding - Diploma  A.F. Theriault Application Package
Architecture49 $1,000 Now closed for 2019-20 Architectural Engineering Technician Architecture49 Application Package
BD Stevens Limited  $2,500 Now closed for 2019-20 Carpentry - Diploma

Construction Management Technology

Civil Engineering Technology

Drafting - Architectural
BD Stevens Application Package
Bertossi Group $3,500 Feb. 7, 2020 Baking and Pastry Art

Culinary Management

Culinary Skills
Bertossi Group Application Package
Bird Construction $1,500 Feb. 7, 2020 Carpentry - Diploma Bird Construction Application Package
Bruce Auto Group $2,000 Now closed for 2019-20 Business Fundamentals Bruce Auto Group Application Package
Cabot Links  $1,500 - $2,500 Feb. 7, 2020 Business Administration

Culinary Management

Horticulture & Landscape Technology

Tourism Management
Cabot Links Application Package
Clearwater  $5,000 Feb. 7, 2020 Electro-Technical Officer

Marine Engineering Management Technology

Marine Navigation Management Technology
Clearwater Application Package 
CSL Group $5,000 Feb. 7, 2020 Marine Engineering Technology

Marine Engineering Management Technology

Marine Navigation Technology

Marine Navigation Management Technology

CSL Group Application Package
Debian IT  $1,000 Feb. 7, 2020 IT Programming

IT Systems Management and Security
Debian IT Application Package 
Eden Valley Poultry $2,000 Now closed for 2019-20 Electrical Technician

Electro Mechanical Technician
Eden Valley Poultry Application Package
Fairley & Stevens Ford $1,000 Now closed for 2019-20 Automotive Service & Repair Fairley and Stevens Application Package
Heritage Gas $1,000 Now closed for 2019-20 Gas Technician Heritage Gas Application Package
Iron Dog  $1,000 Now closed for 2019-20 Gas Technician  Iron Dog Application Package
Koltech  $2,000 Now closed for 2019-20 Industrial Engineering Technology Koltech Application Package
Maritime Broadcasting System $1,500 Nov closed for 2019-20 Radio Television Journalism - Radio Performance & Studio Production  Maritime Broadcasting Application Package
Michelin Technical Sponsorship  $3,000 Now closed for 2019-20 Electronic Engineering Technology

Electronic Engineering Technician

Electro Mechanical Technician

Electrical Engineering Technology

Industrial Instrumentation
Michelin Technical Sponsorship Application Package 
Murphy's On the Water $2,000 Now closed for 2019-20 Culinary Management  Murphy's Application Package
Northwood  $2,000 Now closed for 2019-20 Continuing Care  Northwood Application Package 
Nova Truck Centres $2,000 Now closed for 2019-20 Heavy Duty Equipment / Truck & Transport Repair - Diploma Nova Truck Centres Application Package
Parts for Trucks, Inc.  $2,000 Feb. 7, 2020 Heavy Duty Equipment / Truck & Transport Repair - Diploma Parts for Trucks, Inc. Application Package
Shannex Pathway to Success $2,000 Now closed for 2019-20 Continuing Care Shannex Application Package
Stantec $1,500 Feb. 7, 2020 Civil Engineering Technology

Environmental Engineering Technology

Stantec Application Package
Tracey's Landscaping  $1,000 - $2,000 Feb. 7, 2020 Bricklaying Masonry

Construction Management Technology

Horticulture & Landscape Technology

Heavy Duty Equipment / Truck & Transport Repair - Diploma

Survey Technician
Tracey's Landscaping Application Package - 1 Year Programs

Tracey's Landscaping Application Package - 2 Year Programs
VK Connell Investments Limited $1,500 Feb. 7, 2020 Business Fundamentals VK Connell Investments Limited Application Package
Yarmouth Nissan and Thistle Hyundai $1,000 - $2,000 Feb. 7, 2020 Automotive Service & Repair Yamouth Nissan and Thistle Hyundai Application Package

If you or your organization is interested in establishing a sponsor program through the NSCC Foundation, please contact us.