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U-Pass FAQs

Who is eligible to receive the U-Pass?

All full time NSCC students registered in programs at one of our Metro campuses (Akerley, IT and Ivany/Aviation) are eligible to receive the U-Pass. Students studying full time in a program through online synchronous delivery are not automatically assessed a U-Pass fee, however, are eligible to opt in to the program by the deadline.

Of note: Part-time students, students in programs less than 20 weeks in length, and those DCS sponsored students who are in receipt of a Halifax Transit X-Pass, are not assessed a U-Pass fee and are not eligible.

Can I opt-in to the U-Pass program?

Students who are registered full-time but are studying in a program through online synchronous delivery or online through eCampus may opt in to the U-Pass program. Students must complete an opt-in form (PDF 255KB) and submit it via email to the closest metro campus business office and have the fee added to their student account to receive a U-Pass.

How much does the U-Pass cost?

The Fall U-Pass costs $183 and is issued to students who begin their programs in the Fall semester. The Fall pass runs from September 1 – May 31. The Winter U-Pass costs $102 and is issued to students who begin their programs in the Winter semester. The Winter pass runs from January 1 – May 31.

How do I use my U-Pass?

Your U-Pass is valid for unlimited use on Halifax Transit buses and ferries. You are required to have your NSCC student ID/U-Pass with you whenever you ride on the Halifax Transit system. U-Pass is accepted on all conventional Halifax Transit buses, ferries, and Community Transit buses - except MetroLink and MetroX (an additional fare is required on this special service). Please refer to Halifax Transit's Fares page for more information.

When, where and how do I get my U-Pass?

Once you have paid your fees to the Business Office and obtained your student ID card, you will be eligible to receive a U-Pass sticker. This sticker will be affixed to your student ID card which will serve as your pass to Halifax Transit services. 

Note: U-Pass stickers will be available starting August 23, 2021 but are not valid until September 1.

Who can request a refund?
  • Students who officially withdraw from NSCC before the advertised deadline for their program (see NSCC's Academic Calendar for dates);
  • Students who change from full-time to part-time status before the official add/ drop date for the term as defined by NSCC (see NSCC's Academic Calendar for dates);; and
  • Students who hold a valid Access-a-Bus, CNIB, WIH or X-Pass transit pass.

In all cases, refund forms must be submitted via email or in person to the Business Office prior to the advertised date (also found on the U-Pass main page).

When are the refund/opt-in application deadlines?

Refund and opt-in deadlines for those students eligible to apply are listed on the main U-Pass page.

Can someone else use my U-Pass?

No. Your U-Pass belongs to you. It cannot be loaned, sold or transferred to another person. Bus drivers will check your NSCC picture ID. If it is not your pass, the driver can take the U-Pass from you. If this happens, contact us at . Make sure to include "UPASS" in the subject line. Please be aware that if U-Pass privileges are misused, the pass can be revoked without a refund.

What are the benefits of the U-Pass?

Although some benefits of your U-Pass are obvious, such as allowing flexible, convenient and affordable travel; students have to make less than four return trips per month to save with the U-Pass (wherever conventional Halifax Transit routes run). But cost savings aren't the only benefits of the program. Here are a couple of additional ways in which the U-Pass can benefit NSCC students, and our community as a whole:

  • Who hasn't heard of global warming? By lowering traffic volumes and air pollution, we can make a contribution to having cleaner air to breathe and a better environment for the future. Check out the Halifax Transit website for more information on the ways in which they are reducing greenhouse gas emissions in and around the city of Halifax.
  • The more we use public transit the better it will get! U-Pass revenues will help Halifax Transit to pay for improved services all over our city.
I am a new full time student beginning in January; will I automatically be included in the U-Pass program?

Yes. As a full-time student you will be assessed the U-Pass fee for the winter term ($102), along with your other fees. As soon as the U-Pass fee has been paid and you have obtained your student ID, you may obtain your pass at the Business Office and begin using it right away.

What should I do if I've lost my U-Pass?

If you have lost your U-Pass there are several steps you may take. Listed below are recommended contacts in sequential order:

  • Halifax Transit's Lost and Found Department by calling 311 as soon as you notice that your pass is missing. If a patron or operator has found your pass on a bus they will turn it in here first.
  • Business Office – found U-Passes will be forwarded here by Halifax Transit on a regular basis.
  • Campus Security – passes found by staff and students in and around the campus building may be turned in to this central location.

If you are still unable to locate your U-Pass, you may obtain a replacement pass at the campus Business Office.

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