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Waste Management

With over 10,000 NSCC students entering industry every year, demonstrating good waste management practices to the workforce of tomorrow will provide endless benefits for our province. At NSCC, we aim to manage our waste well -- through waste diversion and reduction.

Waste Diversion

Through our daily operations, NSCC generates 230 tonnes of solid waste every year. Our recycling and composting programs enable us to divert 75% of our waste away from provincial landfills.

Waste Reduction

For years, the College has focused on waste diversion as its sole waste management benchmarker. Now, we're also measuring the amount of waste (e.g., landfill trash, compost and recyclables) generated per person (students and staff) each academic year.

By removing garbage cans from classrooms and offices through the Pack it In - Pack it Out campaign, students and staff are encouraged to dispose of their waste in central garbage and recycling stations.