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Waste Management

Given our 13 campuses, and 2.8 million square feet of building space, our waste footprint is significant. Through our daily operations, we generate 350 tonnes of solid waste every year. However, our impact goes far beyond the waste that we generate...we are also leading by example. With over 10,000 NSCC learners entering industry every year, demonstrating good waste management practices to the workforce of tomorrow will provide endless benefits for our province. Currently, NSCC diverts 75% of our waste from landfill through recycling and composting!

Waste Diversion Rates

Waste Diversion Rates

Pack It In – Pack It Out

Ever wonder why there are no garbage cans in the classrooms? By removing all individual garbage cans from classrooms and offices, students and staff are encouraged to dispose of their waste in central waste stations with recycling options through the Pack it In – Pack it Out campaign.

By working together to sort things properly we can reduce the amount of landfill waste produced and increase the amount of recycling. It is only through our combined efforts that effective waste management can be achieved.

Pack =-it-in Pack-it-out
Hydration Station

Hydration Stations

NSCC has Hydration Stations at all of its 13 campuses across Nova Scotia. Every year, billions of disposable water bottles are used and only a fraction of those bottles are properly recycled, leaving billions to go into the landfills. Just one hydration station can save as many as 36,000 standard 1L bottles a year. Many of the hydration stations installed have bottle counters on them. This displays the amount of disposable bottles saved from the landfill.

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