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Alternative Transportation


Staff and students are encouraged to use alternative means of transportation, including bicycling to the campus. All NSCC campuses have designated areas for staff and students to lock their bicycles. The metro campuses, as well as many of the rural campuses, provide shower facilities.


Carpooling is offered at various campuses across the province. Carpool passes are available at a discounted rate. Three students/employees are required in order to qualify for a carpool pass.

At every campus, there is a carpool bulletin board outside of the Student Association office. The board has signup sheets where students can match up with people travelling from their area.

All students can also sign up for NSCC social networking. Through this social network site they can connect with other students looking to carpool. https://www.nsccstudentassociation.ca/.

Idle Free

NSCC has been an active participant in the Idle Free Campaign since 2009. Idle free signage provided by DriveWiser is posted in the Shipping & Receiving areas as well as drop off points on the campus.

U-Pass Student Bus Pass

Universal bus passes (U-Pass) from Halifax Transit are provided to all full-time students at our Akerley/Aviation, IT and Ivany campuses. This system encourages students to take public transportation.

The U-Pass lets students ride Halifax Transit buses, ferries, and Community Transit buses from September to May. In addition to regular ferry and bus routes, U-Pass holders are also permitted to use Halifax Transit's "Park & Ride" lots (with the exception of the Woodside Ferry lot) to park for free, and catch the bus from there.

Find out more about the U-Pass at NSCC.

CarShare Atlantic

Our NSCC IT Campus in Halifax has a CarShareATL fleet vehicle on campus. It is available for any member of CarShare to use. It can be used by students or staff members of the CarShare program as well as CarShare members in the community.

Visit CarShare Atlantic for more information.

Did You Know?

Parking passes are available at a discounted rate for students and staff who carpool in groups of 3 or more.

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