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Sustainability at NSCC

NSCC achieves STARS Gold Rating in Sustainability
Sustainability is included in everything we do. It's part of our curriculum learning activities. It's a value we practise every day, from diverting waste on campuses to encouraging active transportation and healthy living. Explore this section to learn more about how NSCC is caring for our environment, students, staff and community while educating students about sustainability.

NSCC Annual Sustainability Report

Every year, we're getting better at reducing our energy and water consumption and our greenhouse gas emissions. View our annual report (PDF 3MB) to see the progress we’ve made and to learn about our plan for the future.

We value sustainability

Don Bureaux
"By being industry leaders in sustainability and promoting sustainable literacy throughout the College, we are reducing our environmental impacts while enhancing the social well-being of the province."
Don Bureaux
NSCC President

Our team

Our Facilities and Engineering department has a sustainability team.

Daniel Kelly - Director of Facilities and Engineering
Michael Chapman - Manager of Sustainability and Infrastructure Renewal
Kirk Herman - Environmental Engineer
Patti McCullough - Program Assistant
Martha MacGowan - Program Assistant


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