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Sustainability is a key part of NSCC's curriculum.

Sustainability Course Inventory

We have courses in every Academic School that either focus on sustainability or are related to sustainability. Check out our full list of courses:

Sustainability Course Inventory 2012 (PDF 328KB)

Sustainability-Focused Courses

There are 57 sustainability-focused courses at NSCC that concentrate on the concept of sustainability, including its social, economic, and environmental dimensions, or examine an issue or topic using sustainability as a lens.

Sustainability-Focused Courses 2012 (PDF 80KB)

Sustainability-Related Courses

NSCC offers 657 sustainability-related courses that incorporate sustainability as a distinct course component or module, or concentrate on a single sustainability principle or issue.

Sustainability-Related Courses 2012 (PDF 192KB)

Sustainability Learning Outcomes

Sustainability education provides learners (students and staff) with the knowledge and skills to support a healthy economy, society and environment.

In examining a course for aspects of sustainability, ask if the learners:

  • Develop skills necessary to implement sustainable solutions.
  • Are familiar with and can describe the connections between their chosen program of study/career path and sustainability.
  • View themselves as part of inter-connected world systems.
  • Synthesize understanding of social, economic, and environmental systems and discuss practical solutions to sustainability issues.
  • Understand how sustainable thinking and decision-making contributes to the process of solution-building for social, environmental, and economic crises.

A course does not have to accomplish all of these to be identified as sustainability-focused or sustainability-related.

Sustainability Learning Outcomes 2012 (PDF 328KB)

Sustainability in Continuing Education

There are 41 non-credit courses offered through Continuing Education that are related to sustainability.

Sustainability in Continuing Education (PDF 100KB)

Education for Sustainability (Staff Development)

Education for Sustainability (EFS) is a five day, 39-hour course devoted to the examination of sustainability through the lens of higher education. It is a multi-disciplinary, introspective and progressive process of portfolio learning that steers the learner through various levels of awareness on three levels: inward, outward and global.

EFS is an elective credit course in the NSCC Community College Education Diploma Program (CCEDP); a diploma required by all faculty and professional support employees of the College. The course is offered once a year in the CCEDP Summer Institute at the Truro Campus. All employee groups from all campuses are welcome to register for the course for credit. Organizational Learning covers all costs excluding travel.

To find out more about the course check out the 2011 course outline and presentations.

Did You Know?

NSCC has banned garbage cans in the classroom and offices to encourage students and staff to sort their trash at central waste stations.

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