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Sustainable Buildings

We demonstrate environmental best practices through the design, construction and operation of our buildings. The following NSCC buildings demonstrate sustainable practices.

Pilikan House

Pilikan House

Pilikan house is a "living lab" and demonstration site where students can learn how to incorporate sustainability into residential construction. This building is a model of energy efficiency and requires very little energy to run instead it relies on air-tight construction, extra insulation, triple glazed windows and passive solar heating to keep heat in and on Solar Photovoltaic Power to generate electricity to power lights and appliances.

Marconi Trades Building

Marconi Trades Building

Marconi Trades Wing is a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED®) Silver certified 'green' building and is 55 percent more energy-efficient than a traditional building. As one of the first LEED Certified buildings in Cape Breton, it is home to automotive repair, heavy-equipment repair, motorcycle repair, welding, and metal fabrication programs.

Centre for the Built Environment

Centre for Built Environment

The Centre for the Built Environment was constructed as a leading edge 'living building', to educate the NSCC community as well as the general public on sustainable best practices in building construction. This LEED Gold Certified building features several renewable energy sources such as photovoltaic, wind power, geothermal, and solar walls. The design and construction of the facility embodies and demonstrates ecological design principles and practices that are regenerative and restorative of natural ecosystems and that reflect the potential for buildings and nature to co-exist in a harmonious and mutually supportive relationship.

Did You Know?

Pilikan (pronounced "Bill-ee-gun") is derived from the Mi'kmaw words for "new house". Pilikan House serves as a living lab.

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