Mission, Vision & Values


Building Nova Scotia's economy and quality of life through education and innovation.


Transforming Nova Scotia one learner at a time.


Student Success – We support and celebrate the success of our students as they undertake learning and pursue careers.

Employee Success – We recognize and honour the vital importance of each other's contributions to the success of our students, the College and the communities we serve.

Accessibility – We commit to opening pathways and providing equitable opportunities to access our programs and services.

Diversity & Inclusion – We provide a learning environment that welcomes and embraces individuals from diverse communities and we take every opportunity to become more inclusive.

Safety – We focus on creating a culture of safety and well-being within our entire NSCC community and beyond.

Innovation – We believe there is always a better way and we will find it by inspiring openness, curiosity and creativity as a basis for excellence.

Sustainability – We commit to the continuous development of the social, economic, cultural and environmental sustainability of the College and our community partners.

Public Accountability – We work with integrity in every area of the College and believe we must be fundamentally accountable for the public's trust in all that we do.

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