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Nomination Support Form – Student (PDF 37KB)

The Board of Governors is the governing body of the Nova Scotia Community College and establishes the policy direction for management and control of the College. The Board of Governors' membership includes two Student Representatives who serve a one-year term.

1. Representation Across the College

For the student elections, the College will be divided into two electoral districts – Metro and Provincial.  Each year, one student will be elected in each district. Should nominations only be received from one of the two electoral districts, two Student Candidates would be selected from that district.

Metro: All campuses and sites located in the Halifax Regional Municipality.

Provincial: All campuses and sites located outside the Halifax Regional Municipality.

2. Eligibility to Run in the Elections

For the purposes of NSCC Board of Governor elections to be eligible for election as a student representative of the Board:

  1. A student must be currently enrolled with the College, and the period of the program of enrolment must be expected to endure for one or more years beyond the election.
  2. A student is eligible to run in an election regardless of whether they are full-time or part-time, providing they meet the requirements outlined in (a) above.
  3. A student's term on the Board will not change as the result of a change in enrolment location.

3. Eligibility to Vote

Any student who is eligible to run in a Board Election is eligible to vote in a Board Election.

4. Terms of Office

Student members of the Board are elected for a term of one year.

Student members on the Board shall be deemed to have vacated that position if:

  1. The student resigns from the Board;
  2. The student withdraws or is deemed to have withdrawn from the program in which the student is enrolled;
  3. The student is expelled from the program in which the student is enrolled; or
  4. The Board declares the seat held by the student to be vacant.

Re-election:  Student members on the board have the right to be re-elected provided they continue to meet the eligibility criteria set out herein and so long as they do not hold the office more than two consecutive terms.

5. How to Get Involved

Student Candidates interested in running in the elections will nominate themselves. The nominee will complete an Online Nomination Form, which is used as the official entry on the Official Slate of Candidates. The entry provides each Student Candidate with the opportunity to express their views and reasons for running.

Each Student Candidate must complete and submit a Nomination Support Form (PDF 37KB). This must be signed by the Student Candidate's campus principal and assigned faculty member, and is intended to confirm that a discussion has taken place with the Student Candidate's faculty member and principal regarding the time commitment necessary to act as a Board Member.

6. Nomination Process (October 10 – October 20)

  1. Interested Student Candidates will complete an Online Nomination Form.
  2. The Online Nomination Form will be accessible from October 10 at 8:00 AM to October 20 at 4:00 PM
  3. Once a nomination is submitted, Student Candidates will receive a response confirming receipt.
  4. Student Candidates will then be required to print a copy of the Nomination Support Form (PDF 36KB) and meet with their Faculty Member and Campus Principal.
  5. Student Candidates must submit their signed Nomination Support Form (PDF 37KB) to Christabell Pinchin, Secretary, Board of Governors by October 20 at 4:00 PM
  6. Each Student Candidate is also responsible for arranging and completing a telephone (or in-person) meeting with Christabell Pinchin prior to the Nomination Deadline of October 20 at 4:00 PM. This meeting will give Student Candidates a chance to review the Election Guidelines prior to the Campaigning Period.
  7. The names of those students who have, within the time frames set out in Article 6, submitted duly completed Nomination Forms and Nomination Support Forms and who have satisfied Article 6 (f) shall be added to the Official Slate of Candidates.

7. Active Campaigning (October 24 – October 31)

Official Slate of Candidates: The Official Slate of Candidates will be posted on the NSCC website. The Official Slate of Candidates will include the Voter's Message from the Nomination Form. Student Candidates should note that each entry is copied as received – spelling, grammar, punctuation, etc. will not be corrected. The Board Secretary has the authority to remove information from the Nomination Form if it is determined to be offensive or in some way contrary to the Election Guidelines. The Student Candidates have the option of including their email addresses, facebook page, website, etc. on the Nomination Form to facilitate voter questions.

No Time Off Granted for Campaigning: This applies equally to voters and Student Candidates. If a Student Candidate arrives at a campus to campaign, no re-arrangement of schedules will be made to accommodate Student Candidate-voter contact.

Campaign Expenses: All Student Candidates' notices and election materials are at their own personal expense. The College must be reimbursed by a Student Candidate for all identifiable costs to the College associated with the production and distribution of materials and campaign messages.

Distribution of Campaign Material: Student Candidates have the option to distribute campaign materials; it is not required.

Candidate Posters: Student Candidates are permitted to design one election poster which will be shared electronically through digital signage at campuses. Campuses without digital signage will display paper posters. These posters will be distributed by a designated person at the campus not Student Candidates. The poster is limited to an 8½ x 11 piece of paper and should be formatted in a landscape manner. The content of the campaign material is at the discretion of the Student Candidate. If the Board Secretary determines that the material is offensive or in some way contrary to the Election Guidelines the poster will not be distributed.

Student Candidate posters should be emailed to no later than October 23 at 4:00 PM. The Board Secretary will ensure each campus receives the posters to post at their campus. A public area(s) will be designated at the campus where election material can be posted. This will ensure the amount of space being used is not overwhelming. All candidates will have equal exposure. Posters may not be displayed until Active Campaigning begins and posters received after October 23 at 4:00 PM will not be displayed.

Email Message to Voters: Student Candidates are not permitted to campaign or solicit votes through email including mass messages or group distribution emails.

Campus-specific Rules: Candidates must adhere to campus-specific rules and policies.

8. Student Candidate Behaviour

Student Candidates are to adhere to Student Code of Conduct (PDF 73.9KB). Any behaviour deemed inappropriate or in contradiction to the Guidelines for Board Elections – Student or Student Code of Conduct (PDF 73.9KB) could result in Student Candidates being removed from the Official Slate of Candidates. Should Student Candidates create Campaign Teams, it is the responsibility of the Student Candidate to ensure that the members of their student campaign team also understand and adhere to the Guidelines for Board Elections – Student and Student Code of Conduct (PDF 73.9KB). Student Candidates will be held personally accountable for any election-related misconduct committed by a member of their student campaign team. Any decision made to remove a Student Candidate from the Official Slate of Candidates shall be made by the Student Candidate's Campus Principal.

9. Voting Guidelines

A voter is permitted to cast one vote. They must vote for one Student Candidate from the Metro Electoral District and one Student Candidate from the Provincial Electoral District. Voting will take place online from November 1-2. More details will be posted closer to the voting dates.

Tied Vote: In the event of a tie in the College-wide vote, the Board Secretary will draw by lotto to determine the winning Student Candidate.

Acclamation: Where only one Student Candidate is running in one of the two electoral districts as noted in Article 1, that candidate will be declared elected by acclamation.

Appeals: Appeals concerning any act or decision made in implementing the guidelines for this election may be made by a Student Candidate directly to the Board Secretary. All appeals must be filed with the Board Secretary at least two (2) calendar days prior to the voting dates. The Board Secretary shall make such investigation of the subject matter of the Appeal as the Secretary determines appropriate but shall not be required to convene a hearing and may either uphold the decision appealed from or vary the decision to the extent deemed necessary by the Secretary. The decision of the Secretary shall be rendered as quickly as possible and shall be final and binding.

10. Appointment Process

The Board Secretary will report on the election results to the Board.

Christabell Pinchin,
Secretary, Board of Governors

Phone: 902-491-6701
Cell: 902-237-0887

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