Research Process

Idea, Approval, Implementation

Research may be carried out at any of the 13 campuses across the province of Nova Scotia. The planning and approval process is managed through the Applied Research Office. NSCC researchers must receive academic endorsement for their project and approval from their supervisor; they then submit the Concept Plan Form to the Applied Research Office. Potential researchers are required to comply with the NSCC's research policies.

Concept Plan Form (PDF 12KB)

Research proposals must secure adequate funding and are subject to evaluation to ensure they fit within the NSCC's mandate and strategic plan. Assistance in obtaining funding can be had through the Applied Research Office. Reference may be made to the Guidelines for Grant Application. Training in research processes and grant application is available through the Applied Research Office.

Research Ethics

All projects involving human subjects, directly or indirectly, require review by the Research Ethics Board. This board operates independently of NSCC's Applied Research Office and ensures research projects respect the rights of humans and are ethically conducted in compliance with the Tri-Council Policy Statement on the "Ethical Conduct for Research Involving Humans".

Collaborative Research Agreement

A Collaborative Research Agreement (CRA) is required for each project to ensure that all parties agree to and understand their responsibilities with regards to the research project. It also helps assess and reduce potential risks and is for the protection of all parties. This agreement requires collaboration between the Applied Research Office, the researcher and the external party to ensure that all interests are incorporated. Project specific information is included in the agreement and outlines the expected deliverables, the timelines for the deliverables, the cost of the project, the payment schedule and any other applicable terms and conditions. In addition to this information, Collaborative Research Agreements, include protective clauses on issues of liability, confidentiality, intellectual property rights and ownership, and publication rights.

Implementation of the project begins after receiving, if applicable, approval from NSCC's Research Ethics Committee and after signing the Collaborative Research Agreement by all parties. The responsibility of meeting the detailed project deliverables lies with the researcher. Grant supported research may require the assistance of a NSCC Financial Officer to ensure compliance with external reporting guidelines.

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