Industry Liaison Office

The Industry Liaison Office (ILO) strives to link industry to faculty expertise for translational research opportunities that assist industry with their research and development challenges. One of the key components of the ILO is to coordinate the commercialization of technology and products with industry through technology transfer by various methods that can include prototype development and licensing.

New ideas discovered through the process of applied research, whether technical or creative, may require protection through some assignment of intellectual property (see Intellectual Property Policy (PDF 82KB)). The ILO assists researchers by advising on the appropriate options. For example, Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA) protect confidentiality of shared information with external partners.

Associations with external partners require Collaborative Research Agreements (CRA) to assess and reduce potential risks and for the protection of all parties. These agreements require the collaboration of the research office, the researcher and the external party to ensure that all interests are incorporated. Specific information is included in the agreement to outline the expected deliverables, the timelines for the deliverables, the cost of the project, the payment schedule and any other applicable terms and conditions. In addition to this information, CRAs include protective clauses on issues of liability, confidentiality, intellectual property rights and ownership, and publication rights.

As a member of Springboard Atlantic, the NSCC Industry Liaison Office can also help connect you to university and college-based research expertise throughout the region.

Potential external partners are encouraged to contact the Industry Liaison Office to discuss their operations and to discover how NSCC can collaboratively work to provide solutions.

Applied Research - Overview (PDF 2.64MB)

Contact Industry Liaison Office

Beth McCormack
Industry Liaison Officer, Applied Research 
Waterfront Campus
80 Mawiomi Place
Dartmouth, NS B2Y 0A5
Phone: 902-491-7340

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