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Engineered Technologies Research

Engineered Technologies Research
The Applied Engineered Technologies Research Lab performs real time and non-invasive monitoring of bio molecular changes from an algal biomass.

Led by Dr. Etienne Mfoumou, the Engineered Technologies Research team works with a variety of technology-based sectors. A future focus of this research area is to include cross-disciplinary research and inclusive-design thinking, enabling the design of more products and services.

Specific research facilities include the Engineered Technologies Lab and the Design and Innovation Centre.

Engineered Technologies Research Lab

The lab is equipped with specialized equipment such as the Acoustic Systems Trainer for SONAR for testing and developing underwater acoustic-based devices, a ZEPTO Plasma Surface Activation System and a portable and modular spectrometer for the development of more effective monitoring and prediction techniques for field application.

Design and Innovation Centre

The centre provides an area where NSCC can work with industry partners to explore new ideas using a specialized suite of technology that includes advanced design software, 3D modelling and a metal laser sintering printer.


Industry and community partners:

  • Michelin North America (Canada) Inc.
  • Ultra Electronics Maritime Systems
  • African Community Investment Cooperative of Canada Ltd. (ACICC)
  • MacKenzie Atlantic Tool & Die Ltd.
  • Murphy’s Ltd.
  • Sabrtech Inc.
  • Eden Valley Poultry Inc.
  • Northwood
  • Nova Aquaponics
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