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Energy Storage Projects


SKYLIT has installed numerous grid-tied solar photovoltaic systems for Nova Scotian homeowners. They are interested in adding battery backup to the systems. To do this, they want to better understand the system installation characteristics and be able to demonstrate to customers how the backup system performs during real and simulated power outages. They approached NSCC to do the analysis and reporting research.

Applied Energy Research has developed a plan to test and collect data on the solar + battery storage backup system in a customer’s home. Results will help determine if battery backup systems are a marketable feature in Nova Scotia.

Neothermal Energy Storage 

NSCC's Applied Energy Research staff
Neothermal's plug-in prototype installed in a family home.

Neothermal Energy Storage (NES) is a clean-tech startup; they design and develop electric space heaters that store heat and take advantage of time-of-day rates. The first prototype is installed in the NSCC energy efficient home, Pilikan House, where Applied Energy Research (AER) is collecting data on the functionality of the unit.

The AERLab helped generate designs for the hardware and software of NES’s second prototype. Further research and a comparison of the two prototypes is ongoing. This work will assess how NES’s device works in energy-efficient homes and inform strategies for storing renewable energy.