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Energy Storage Projects

Mitsubishi iMIEV Vehicle-to-Grid V2G Demonstration

The Applied Energy Research Lab or AERLab has incorporated a Mitsubishi iMIEV, a fully electric vehicle (EV), to experiment with and examine different ways it can serve as an energy storage tool. Although EVs are not yet widely used, it's expected they will become more mainstream in upcoming decades. For better or worse, this will affect the electrical grid. The V2G project works to ensure EVs will complement the current electrical infrastructure.

After a significant investment in technology development, and hardware and software testing, the AERLab has successfully developed, designed and implemented technology that pairs with the Mitsubishi iMiev to take electricity from the vehicle and use it to power other things. The V2G system essentially gives the iMIEV the capacity to act as a huge, portable battery.

The Mitsubishi iMIEV Vehicle-to-Grid V2G Demonstration design is one of the first steps towards the bigger picture down the road of EVs giving electricity back to the grid during peak times when the demand on the grid is the highest.

NSCC Pilikan House Tesla Powerwall Residential Electricity Storage Project

NSCC's Applied Energy Research staff
NSCC’s Applied Energy Research staff is excited to have installed Nova Scotia’s second Tesla Powerwall.

Used as a hands-on demonstration site primarily for Energy Sustainability Engineering Technology (ESET) students, the Pilikan House is a sustainably built, energy-efficient home. Powered by renewable energy, the Pilikan House is well equipped with monitor and control points to track energy consumption. Past student projects determined that they are several factors that inhibit the Pilikan House from reaching its full potential – namely a way to store energy. The house can have excess thermal energy during the day and requires heating at night. Working closely with the ESET students and staff, AER installed Nova Scotia's second Tesla Powerwall to help improve performance and investigate some of the energy storage questions.

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