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Energy Management Projects

LED Roadway Lighting Limited

Streetlights in cities can be used as a platform for collecting data to inform smart community planning. Radar sensors on streetlights that detect the motion of people and vehicles can potentially provide benefits in energy management, traffic management, and community planning. NSCC was tasked with validating the accuracy and performance of LED Roadway’s Data Acquisition Platform (DAP) designed to count traffic and measure vehicle speed.

The NSCC team developed a test plan to evaluate the accuracy of LED’s DAP for pedestrian and vehicular recognition. The team manually recorded parameters such as direction, time of event, type of event and whether the DAP detected the activity. Data analysis was completed to determine the level of accuracy and identify false triggers.

Think Tank

Hot water heater research technology.
Project lead, Dane George, pictured with device designed and developed in the AERLab to test hot water tanks.

Think Tank partnered with NSCC on a project to characterize the stratification of water temperatures in domestic hot water tanks under normal operation and various demand control scenarios.

The AERLab installed several temperature sensors on the exterior and interior of two domestic hot water tanks and simulated real-world hot water consumption using 24-hr hot water load profiles generated from the Solar City Energy Data Portal. Leveraging the skills and resources of the team, this project included 3-D modelling, electronics expertise, Internet of Things devices fabricated in-house, data analytics, and a unique water flow control system.