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Energy Monitoring Projects

Solar City Data Analytics

In a partnership with Thermo Dynamics Ltd., Applied Energy Research has implemented advanced analytics, reporting and visualization tools for the Halifax Solar City program. The objective is to gather quality feedback and insight from the monitoring devices attached to the solar heating tanks to better understand what’s working, what’s not working and how much energy is actually being saved. The results will benefit participating homeowners, government, academia, industry, potential customers, and other municipalities interested in a implementing similar solar water heating programs.

Neothermal Energy Storage Data Collection

A Neothermal ETS plug-in prototype currently installed in a family home.
A Neothermal ETS plug-in prototype currently installed in a family home.

Louis Desgrosseilliers and Jill Johnson, co-owners of Neothermal Energy Storage, a clean tech startup; came up with Neothermal Electric Thermal Storage (ETS) – an electric space heater that stores heat and takes advantage of time-of-day rates. The first prototype of the Neothermal ETS is setup, functioning, and being tested in the NSCC energy-efficient home, Pilikan House. NSCC Applied Energy Research is collecting data on the power consumption of the unit and multiple temperature sensors. The results will determine how Neothermal ETS works in energy-efficient homes and inform strategies for storing renewable energy.

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