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Energy Monitoring Projects

Solar City Data Analytics

In a partnership with Thermo Dynamics Ltd., Applied Energy Research has implemented advanced analytics, reporting and visualization tools for the Halifax Solar City program. The objective is to gather quality feedback and insight from the monitoring devices attached to the solar heating tanks to better understand what’s working, what’s not working and how much energy is actually being saved. The results will benefit participating homeowners, government, academia, industry, potential customers, and other municipalities interested in a implementing similar solar water heating programs.

Solar Thermal Test Station

Research associate Tomi Allen
Research associate, Tomi Allen, demonstrating how the heat release system functions.

Applied Energy Research associate, Tomi Allen, has designed and developed a heat release system as a research tool to help compare the performance of various domestic hot water heating technologies. Results from high quality testing and analysis of domestic hot water heating technologies including: solar, heat pump water heaters, and conventional electric water heaters, will be shared with industry to inform them which technologies are most appropriate for differing scenarios.

Energy Monitoring System

Louis Morge
Intern student from France, Louis Morge, working on a prototype for an energy-monitoring device.

Applied Energy Research has been working to identify if there is room to improve existing energy monitoring technologies. Initially, they compared 10 different existing systems, now the team is working to design a prototype at a better price point. A lower-cost alternative that offers the same functionality would present new opportunities to industry by enabling them to increase the usage of monitoring systems on their energy products. Learning more about energy usage helps people take preventative measures to reduce their energy consumption, which saves money and reduces CO2.

Collecting high quality data from a larger number of monitoring systems enables industry to create smarter energy solutions. With input from Thermo Dynamics Ltd., the Applied Energy Research lab has been working towards finding the optimal solution of low-cost versus functionality.

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