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Energy Data Analytics Projects

HRM Solar City Data Portal 

The Halifax Solar City program has installed hundreds of solar thermal hot water systems. Many of these systems have data collection capability. This data is used for a variety of research purposes such as determining energy productivity, calculating C02 emission reduction and customer savings, and detecting patterns to determine optimal times to use the hot water stored in the tank.

Applied Energy Research (AER) has developed an online Energy Data Portal using data from the Halifax Solar City program. The portal provides analytics and reporting capabilities for sustainable energy research. If you’d like to access the portal for research, contact Dr.Wayne Groszko for approval and login details. 

Community Solar Data

In this multi-partner, collaborative initiative, we are building an accessible web interface that provides access to real-time and archived solar production data from The Solar Electricity for Community Buildings Pilot Program.

The goal is to develop a Virtual Solar Power Plant based on solar energy data. Access to near-real-time value for electricity production from the photovoltaic arrays distributed across the province will make it possible to see, understand, and eventually forecast distributed solar energy output as a contributor to the electricity system.

The AER team is using their expertise in solar technology, data analytics, database construction and web-design to develop this project.