Energy Research

Energy Research
The Applied Energy Research grid connectable iMiev Electric Vehicle (V2G, vehicle to grid).

The Applied Energy Research team develops and tests sustainable energy alternatives and has extensive experience in solar energy technologies and monitoring devices.

The team, led by Dr. Alain Joseph, is building a microgrid to develop and commercialize smart grid technologies, thanks to the support of a $2.3 million grant from the National Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC). This five-year research project with industry aims to integrate energy hardware, sensors, software, and data analytics to generate new energy products and services. As part of this work, the research team is also testing better methods of collecting, managing, analyzing, and communicating findings from ‘big-data’ related to energy use.

Energy Research Facilities

Pilikan House
Pilikan House

Applied Energy Research Lab – Most of the team’s research takes place in the lab located at Ivany Campus. The lab is equipped to develop and test sustainable energy alternatives.

Pilikan House – Pilikan is a residential demonstration site and living lab that provides a hands-on teaching and research facility for alternative and sustainable energy systems. The house is located at the Annapolis Valley Campus in Middleton. Learn more about Pilikan House

Industry and community partners:

  • Colibri Software Inc.
  • Rexel Canada Electrical Inc.
  • Thermo Dynamics Ltd.
  • HRM Solar City
  • PowerWHYS
  • Solar Global Solutions
  • NeoThermal Energy Storage Inc.
  • Surrette Battery, and more.
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