Energy Research

Energy Research
The Applied Energy Research grid connectable iMiev electric vehicle (V2G, vehicle-to-grid).

The Applied Energy Research team develops and tests sustainable energy alternatives and has extensive experience in solar energy technologies and monitoring devices.

The team, led by Dr. Wayne Groszko, is building a microgrid to develop and commercialize smart grid technologies, thanks to the support of a $2.3-million grant from the National Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC). Known as the EnergyData Program, this five-year project with industry aims to integrate energy hardware, sensors, software, and data analytics to generate new energy products and services. Additionally, Applied Energy Research tests better methods of collecting, managing, analyzing, and communicating findings from 'big-data' related to energy use. Applied Energy Research knows that asking the right questions and collecting data to answer them, plays a substantial role in moving our region towards a greener future.

Dr. Alain Joseph, gives a little background on what motivated him to create the EnergyDATA Research Program:

"The idea of the grid is beginning to change and that’s a good thing. If Nova Scotia wants to compete globally, we need to invest in research and development tied to further integrating renewable energy technologies and let people experiment with it. For quite some time now, people have been using computers and carrying smartphones. If you think about our energy infrastructure or electricity grid, it hasn’t really changed in decades. Our research brings all this innovation into the energy space, so that we can benefit in terms of saving energy and having better quality in our lives. That is some of the work we do here."



Industry and community Partners

Applied Energy Research works with local business, government and academics. For more details on projects click on the below links:

Energy Research Facilities

Pilikan House
Pilikan House

Applied Energy Research Lab – Most of the team's research takes place in the lab located at Ivany Campus. The lab is equipped to develop and test sustainable energy alternatives.

Pilikan House – Pilikan is a residential demonstration site and living lab that provides a hands-on teaching and research facility for alternative and sustainable energy systems. The house is located at the Annapolis Valley Campus in Middleton. Learn more about Pilikan House.

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