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NSCC is Me

NSCC is Me


NSCC is Me is a brand new movement mobilizing tens of thousands of NSCC Alumni to engage, network, and get the most from their NSCC connection. It's about celebrating alumni success and igniting the pride that connects all alumni as part of one community of doers, makers, and creators.

Our alumni prove that NSCC is delivering on its mission to produce highly skilled workers, grow the economy and build communities through knowledge, innovation, spirit and generosity.

The NSCC Alumni community includes all grads and friends of the College with a connection to NSCC, and our many predecessor schools. Get involved:

Step 1 - Receive relevant news and be the first to know about upcoming events by updating your contact information. You’ll even have the chance to win great prizes!

Step 2 Spread the word! Alumni are our greatest ambassadors – we encourage you to share information about the Alumni Program and help your fellow alumni get connected.

Step 3 Show your pride: Our alumni community engages in meaningful ways, supports its members, and pays it forward. Now, that's worth celebrating.

Bigger IS better

Let's celebrate what it means to be an NSCC alum, and make the NSCC alumni community one of the best in our region. Stay tuned for exciting updates and initiatives.