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Career Webinars

Interested in tools and tips to help you with your career? Take a look through our career webinar series provided by local career experts En Point.

Interviewing 102
April 2019
Explore common interview questions and find out how to approach the salary discussion. Recognize common interview pitfalls, and learn how to structure your answers for success.

Mastering the Pitch
April 2019
Learn how to craft an authentic, compelling personal pitch connected to your career goals, and examine various mediums and learn how to adapt your pitch appropriately.

Personal Branding 101
April 2019
Learn about personal branding and how it contributes to your job search and career growth. Get the tools to clearly articulate your personal brand, values, key messages and "persona”.

Interviewing for Success
April 2018
Learn about the typical interview process and how to effectively prepare for each step, from phone screens to group interviews. Get tricks on how to prepare, conquer nerves, provide engaging answers, and navigate the "salary question."

Career Kickstarter
March 2018
Create your own personal career blueprint with guidance on how to build a career strategy with goals, timelines, and resources needed to achieve those goals.

Resumes and Online Profiles
March 2018
Learn how to structure and style your resume and LinkedIn profile to stand out from other candidates.

Thanks to the TD Insurance Affinity Program for sponsoring this webinar series.