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About the U-Pass Service

U-Pass is a special transit pass specifically designed for NSCC students at our three Metro campuses (Akerley, IT and Ivany/Aviation). For the 2020-2021 academic year, this fee will be assessed to full-time students at metro campuses, in programs with an overall program delivery of blended (PDF 840KB). The U-Pass lets you ride Halifax Transit buses, ferries, and Community Transit buses from September to May. 

The cost of the program is $180 for the academic year ($100 for students starting in January) and provides students with an unlimited bus and ferry pass for a full 9 month period (September 1 – May 31). In addition to regular ferry and bus routes, U-Pass holders are also permitted to use many of Halifax Transit's "Park & Ride" lots to park for free, and catch the bus from there. Please note: the Woodside Ferry lot is reserved for regular transit pass customers only and Alderney and Sportsplex locations do have an additional fee for parking.

While the passes are non-transferable (meaning that the pass is yours and yours alone and cannot be loaned, sold or transferred to another person), it can be used 24/7 during the school year. The U-Pass program represents a significant savings of more than $470 for students for the 9-month period. A typical Halifax Transit bus pass costs upwards of $70 per month. Your U-Pass cost... only $180 for 9 months!

Important Dates

Date Details
September 1, 2020 U-Pass program commences; sticker active
September 29, 2020 Fall term U-Pass refund or opt in request (PDF 204KB) submission deadline for September start students
November 25, 2020 U-Pass refund or opt in request (PDF 204KB) submission deadline for November start students
January 27, 2021 Winter term U-Pass refund or opt in request PDF (204KB)submission deadline for January start students
May 31, 2021 U-Pass program concludes

Contact Us

If you have any questions about the U-Pass at NSCC, please contact your campus Business Office or contact us by emailing . Please make sure to include "UPASS" in the email subject line.

Halifax Transit

If you have any questions about Halifax Transit routes and bus schedules, please contact Halifax Transit by calling 311 or emailing .

U-Pass Terms & Conditions

  1. The U-Pass is non-transferable and non-refundable and may be confiscated for misuse. Unauthorized reproduction of this pass constitutes fraud and persons doing so will be prosecuted.
  2. The U-Pass is valid for transportation on conventional bus routes and ferries. An additional payment is required for MetroLink and MetroX fares.
  3. Valid for transportation September 1 thru May 31
  4. Upon boarding the bus, U-Pass holders MUST show their current NSCC ID card with U-Pass sticker.
  5. If a pass is lost, stolen, or confiscated, please contact the campus Business Office or email . Make sure to include "UPASS" in the email subject line.
  6. Any pass found should be turned over to a bus operator.
  7. The U-Pass is the property of the city of Halifax. Privileges may be revoked for breach of conditions of use.

Last updated: July 28, 2020