Applied Research

  • "Our research has practical applications. I enjoy moving innovative ideas from concept to reality." Dr. Alain Joseph, NSCC Applied Research Scientist.
  • The Applied Oceans Research Group uses innovative seafloor mapping methods and techniques to support a variety of offshore activities.
  • The Applied Engineered Technologies Research Lab houses an Acoustic Systems Trainer for SONAR to test and develop underwater acoustic-based devices.
  • Applied Geomatics Research Associate Kate Collins surveys the dunes along the Northumberland Strait as part of a coastal erosion study.
  • NSCC Applied Research & Innovation works with our communities to develop the creative thinking that will provide a prosperous future for Nova Scotia.

NSCC Applied Research develops practical and innovative solutions for industry’s real-world problems. With an expert research team and network of faculty and students from some of our most challenging and cutting-edge programs, we help industry improve their products, enhance processes, and grow their businesses.

We specialize in four applied research areas:

Canada's Top 50 Research Colleges

Since our beginning in 2000, we’ve grown in our capacity and scope. We are now a multi-million dollar research operation that responds to the needs of industry and the community. In 2015 and 2016, we were added to the list of Canada’s top 50 research colleges.  In addition to our four main areas of research, Applied Research has access to faculty and student expertise from over 120 programs offered by the college including business, culinary, natural resources and more.

Areas of Applied Research

Energy: Led by Dr. Alain Joseph and a $2.3 million grant from the National Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC), this five year research project is aimed at integrating energy hardware sensors, software, and data analytics to generate new energy products and services. As part of this work, the research team is also testing better methods of collecting, managing, analyzing, and communicating findings from ‘big-data’ related to energy use. The Applied Energy Research Lab is equipped to develop and test sustainable energy alternatives and has extensive experience in solar energy technologies and monitoring devices.

Engineered Technologies: Led by Dr. Etienne Mfoumou and through its multi-disciplinary activities, the Engineered Technologies Research Lab works with a variety of technology-based sectors and provides specialized equipment such as the Acoustic Systems Trainer for SONAR for testing and developing underwater acoustic-based devices, a ZEPTO Plasma Surface Activation System and a portable and modular spectrometer for the development of more effective monitoring and prediction techniques for field application. Additionally, the Design and Innovation Centre provides an area where NSCC can work with industry partners to explore new ideas using a specialized suite of technology that includes advanced design software, 3D modelling and a metal laser sintering printer.

Geomatics: Led by Dr. Tim Webster, NSCC has extensive research experience in geomatics which stems from the Applied Geomatics Research Group (AGRG). AGRG applies advanced mapping techniques and meteorological monitoring to solve problems and support sustainable development in areas related to the coastal zone, aquaculture sites, agriculture and forestry lands. NSCC is the only academic institution to own a topo-bathymetric lidar that can acquire elevation and cover type across the land sea boundary.

Oceans: Led by Dr. Craig Brown, NSCC is building greater knowledge about our ocean floor thanks to a $1 million investment from the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC) to establish a Chair in Integrated Ocean Mapping Technologies. This five year research program is working with ocean sector partners to develop innovative seafloor mapping methods and techniques to support a variety of offshore activities, initially focusing on fisheries applications. As part of this, sonar technologies that map the seafloor are a main area of research focus with the goal to make detailed maps from data obtained from a combination of techniques which can ultimately lead to more sustainable environmental management and assessment processes.

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