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Noel Macdonald - Monday, 20 February 2012
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When we caught up with Teagan and Beau at the Screen Arts film studio at Waterfront Campus, they were preparing to shoot a music video. In the two-year Screen Arts program students get to try their hands at everything related to making movies: from writing, directing, operating cameras to producing, editing and capturing sound. The list goes on. This time it was Teagan's turn to direct and Beau was going to be director of photography.

Arriving on the music video set, it became very clear that group collaboration is the key to their skills training. It was a very busy scene. All departments have to work together and sometimes they're on the film set for 12 hours at a time. "A two hour movie could have take two years," he says, stressing that, "organization is huge."

Screen Arts program details

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