At NSCC, we know that pursuing a post-secondary education can be costly. Providing some much needed financial support is one way we can help. Our student awards program offers a broad range of scholarships, awards and bursaries that address financial need, celebrate academic success, support access, and recognize leadership and community involvement. While some awards are specific to a campus, program or year of study, many are open to everyone. It is well worth your time to explore the full range of awards we have to offer at NSCC.

Thanks to the generosity of many donors, the NSCC Foundation awards over $500,000 in scholarships & bursaries every year. If you or your organization is interested in establishing a student award through the NSCC Foundation, please contact us.

NSCC's student awards are offered at various times throughout the year, with the largest amount offered in mid-September. The number of awards and the award values may differ from year to year but thanks to NSCC's Foundation, we have developed a robust awards program to support students in their academic and career success.

Spring 2016 Awards – Now Open!

There are many awards opportunities available within our spring awards program. Our program has been divided into two groups:

  • Online NSCC Awards: Applications are accepted through our online application. Apply to all awards you're eligible for with one application.
  • External Awards: Applications must be printed and mailed to the NSCC Awards Office at the address noted below.

Check award deadlines: Not all awards have the same deadline; pay close attention to the date specified for each opportunity.

Online NSCC Awards

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In September 2016, I will be:

External Awards – Apply by Mail

Applying online is not an option for the following awards. Print out, complete and mail these PDF applications to apply:

How to submit

Applications for the above awards must be post marked by the deadline specified in order to quality. Mail them to:

NSCC Awards Office
Nova Scotia Community College
5685 Leeds Street
PO Box 1153
Halifax, NS B3J 2X1

Awards Questions

For frequently asked questions about NSCC's scholarships, bursaries, and awards, please click here.


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Twitter: @nsccawards

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