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School of Trades & Technology

The Conference Board of Canada predicts that in the next two decades, 40% of the new jobs will be in the skilled trades and technologies. We offer a range of academic programs that prepare you for careers in Aerospace, Engineering and Applied Science, Transportation, Manufacturing, Energy, Heritage, Oceans, the Built Environment, and Natural Resources and Environment. Our trades programs prepare students for the full journey in Apprenticeship training leading to provincial and national certifications. Our mix of classroom, lab, and workshops are designed to provide an effective learning environment offering theoretical and practical hands-on and hands-in training, which is directly related to the chosen field of study.

Our programs provide students with opportunities to contribute their skills and knowledge toward the prosperity and development of their communities. Concepts in the curriculum such as sustainable development and environmental awareness prepare graduates for the future, giving them the tools to address issues such as global warming, and to balance the needs of the natural environment with the built environment. In addition, all of our programs offer learning experiences in the form of industry practicums and technical projects that build strong connections with employers. This practical experience, helps prepare graduates for employment in their chosen fields of study, and further advanced education and training.

Program development is closely linked with Nova Scotia industries. We actively solicit employer input in our decision-making for program renewal. Our graduates have the skills required by employers today. 92% of our graduates are employed, most within their chosen fields of study. All programs are designed to meet and exceed national occupational standards and may be accredited by national accrediting agencies, such as Transport Canada or the Canadian Technology Accreditation Board. Our revised curriculum, which blends environmental concerns with technical and employability skill development, helps prepare students for the urgent need to sustain, restore and revitalize our built and natural environments.

Visit one of our campuses to view the facilities and talk to our faculty about 'your future' and the exciting careers available to a Trades and Technology graduate

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